5 luxury home accessories trending right now

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5 luxury home accessories trending right now 

There has been a huge increase in demand for luxury home accessories over the past twelve months which may be a result of the pandemic as people have been spending more time at home and therefore had more time to see how they can add items to improve their living spaces. We take a look at five of the most popular home accessories people are searching for.


Tealights by Home and Bay

A lovely addition to a cosy home, tealights come in many shapes and sizes and one of the major benefits of them over standard candles is that they do not drip. This is due to them being contained in a small metal cup that enables them to liquify completely while lit. They are typically small, circular and wider than their height.  

As the ‘don’t move – improve!’ trend continues throughout the UK tealights are fast becoming a must-have feature in every lounge, dining room and home office space, especially as there are many stylish tealight holders to choose from to enhance the look and feel. 


Planters by Home and Bay

The craze for stylish planters as luxury home accessories is creating a shortage as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand currently in the UK. Available in a range of styles and colours, planters can be made using ceramic, cotton rope, cork, metal or even upcycled from reused tiles and other similar materials.  

A carefully placed planter can create a calmness around the home and also impress friends and relatives with its luxurious look for relatively low outlay. Adding botanicals around your house or apartment can be a sure-fire way of adding a little fresh flair and a nice atmosphere to relax in. 


Diffusers by Home and Bay

The demand for quality diffusers over the last few years has meant they are now available in a range of styles and fragrances, and prices can vary from the sublime to the ridiculous with some high-end varieties retailing for many hundreds of pounds!  

In a culture increasingly becoming aware of the importance of calmness and wellbeing, people are recognising the benefits diffusers bring with their essential oils and relaxing properties. Some claim that the aromatherapy element to diffusers can help with both physical and mental health,  relieving ailments such as nausea, pain and stress. 

One thing is for certain – a stylish and sweet-smelling diffuser can make your home look and smell a million dollars. 

Throws and blankets 

Throws and Blankets by Home and Bay

Throws and blankets are currently a must-have item and come in a variety of materials from wool, microfibre and cotton through to linen and even bamboo.  

Top-end, uniquely bespoke, ultra-luxurious throws and blankets are exchanging hands for absolutely eye-watering sums at the moment, due to these items being very popular and ‘on trend’. If you’re the kind of person who has more money than you know what to do with, you could pick up a russian ‘Barguzin Sable’ fur blanket on master-furrier .com for 57,920 euros! Or, if you’re like most people and love luxury, but reasonably priced of course, then don’t worry as there is plenty of choice in your price bracket and style.  


Candles by Home and Bay

The classic candle will always be in fashion with its calm-inducing qualities and unique way its flickering light adds warmth to a room. These days there are a million and one choices when it comes to candles from traditional candles to potted candles to tinned candles to scented candles and many more. You can even shell out hundreds of pounds for a top designer candle which means some people are literally burning money! But we can all agree that whatever the budget, there is nothing more romantic than evening dinner at home for two under cosy candle light with a bottle of wine or three... 

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