Autumn Home Essentials

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Autumn Home Essentials

It’s that time of the year. Kids have broken up for half term, it’s getting chilly and the mornings are dark. But we love this season! Cosy nights in front of the log burner, red wine flowing,  no one judging for that pumpkin spice flavour everything! Hot chocolate with a mountain of toppings becomes totally acceptable instead of your mid morning coffee, and hearty one pot dinners are welcomed at the dinner table. Not to mention the colours and the inevitable excitement of you know what around the corner (have you seen the Christmas Gift Boxes yet?).
So here is our list of Autumn Home Essentials for you:

Cushions cosy
Soft cosy fabrics everywhere! We’re looking for any excuse to snuggle up!
        Halloween Home and Bay
Candles: The perfect ambience builder for your home, whether inside a pumpkin or not. 
   Mugs from Home and Bay 
 Hugs in Mugs! Our beautiful range of Mojave mugs at home or if you love long walks along the windswept Cornish coast then it’s our Travel cups. 

Terracotta Soap Dispenser from Home and Bay
 Keep winter flu at bay in style with this gorgeous soap dispenser.
Terracotta Planters from Home and Bay
        Terracotta planters; a beautiful orange hue in the natural material is perfect for adding warmth to a small space, add some seasonal flowers for a added wow!


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