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Get your Cornish Gifts by post with Home and Bay! 

Cornish Gifts by Post by Home and Bay

In the last 20 years the world has changed. There has been a huge swing in shopping habits on a scale never seen before. A centuries-old tradition of venturing out to the nearest retailer in order to purchase goods has been flipped on its head. We’re all online shoppers now, and expect it to be delivered to our doors in the quickest of time. No longer do we have to traipse out in all weathers to get our essentials. And the same goes for life’s little luxuries. You don’t even have to come on holiday to Cornwall anymore... you can now get your Cornish Gifts by post by ordering online, and more and more people are choosing this convenient option. 

Cornish Gifts by Post at Home and Bay

Picture: Cornish Gifts available by post

The online retail behemoth Amazon brings home the vast scale of the transition to internet shopping over the last 2 and a half decades. If anybody had asked you what Amazon was in the late 1990’s most people would have imagined a massive rainforest in South America with a big river running through it. Yet since its incorporation in 1994 it has overtaken every single company on Earth one by one to become the biggest business the World has ever known. How has it managed this? Well for one, it’s founder Jeff Bezos is an extremely clever and astute man, and had great vision and foresight to keep reinvesting in massive growth. Secondly, the rise of Amazon has coincided with a rise in people using the internet which has become an integral part of life for the majority of people in the World. It is estimated that over 6 billion people globally now own a smartphone – a figure which has almost doubled in the last 5 years. 

Amazon's Jeff Bezos by Home and Bay

Picture: Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Is this all a bad thing? In short... no! The growth of the internet and our accessibility to it has given consumers almost unlimited purchasing choice from the comfort of their own homes. You can now order a Hot Tub and have it delivered and fitted within a couple of weeks. You can order a new car from your house in Exeter and have it driven to you from Edinburgh. You can search for your next house without getting out of bed. The internet has given people purchasing power on a scale they never had before.  

Picture: Rise of the Internet Worldwide

The convenience of internet shopping has also benefitted consumers who love areas of the country that are not always easy to access, like the beautiful county of Cornwall, amongst other lovely areas of Britain such as the Lake District, Scotland, Wales and Devon. People who love visiting these places may well love purchasing the local gifts on offer in these areas which in the past could only be accessed by physically visiting each area. And no bad thing too you might say, as part of the magic of a summer (or winter) holiday is time spent popping in and out of local shops on narrow lanes in ancient towns. But for some, visiting these areas may not always be possible year on year, for various reasons such as financial restraints, lack of vacancies, holidaying abroad or even pandemics. The rise of the internet means you can still buy a little part of your favourite place with just one click of a mouse button from the comfort of your lounge. 

Port Isaac Gift Box by Home and Bay

Picture: Port Isaac Gift Box by Home and Bay

If you’re a lover of Cornwall and for whatever reason have not been able to visit recently, or don’t think you’ll be back for a while, remember that thanks to the internet you can still order Cornish gifts by post and have them delivered straight to your door. Take a look at our wide and varied selection of Luxury Gift Boxes – ideal for treating yourself or a loved one. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of Cornish Tea whilst thinking of those happy holiday times on your couch this winter! 

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