Gift Ideas for Women

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Gift Ideas for Women 

We’ve all had that problem of what to buy that female friend or family member who already has everything right? Then there’s the possible embarrassment of buying something you know she doesn’t have but unsure if she will like... all you want to do is to be able to give a gift to someone you love and make her happy... but of course, you don’t want to overspend just in case its not to her taste. These decisions can be so difficult! Well, here’s a few gift ideas for women that hopefully she will love. 

Scented Candles

Inoffensive, loved by many, a variety of scents to choose from... surely some luxury scented tealight candles are a banker? These little mini candles are so versatile they can be used to refresh the air throughout the house, add warmth to any room or even complement a romantic dinner for two with the other half. Purchasing the right tealights in a deluxe presentation box will result in fabulous first impressions and she will be even happier when she actually tries the product for the first time. Give her a quality gift such as these luxury scented tea light candles by St Eval and you are guaranteed a massive “thank you” and an invite to next year’s party! 

Luxury Mugs


Everybody loves mugs. Everybody NEEDS mugs. Getting her a mug is one of the safest bets you can make when it comes to finding the perfect gift for her. But what kind of mug does she like? Is she a cat lover? Dog lover? Is she into golf? There are so many choices! The best thing to do is hedge your bets by choosing a nice, popular, fashionable and mainstream colour such as grey. Whoever wasn’t grateful when receiving a nice classy grey mug such as this little number from Sass and Belle? Or, if you’re feeling frivolous, why not splash out on a pair of mugs or even a set of 4? And for those looking to be brave and bold take a punt on a more “out there” colour such as pink or yellow! 

Home Diffusers 

Never, ever, in the history of gifting, has a woman ever been disappointed to receive a luxury home fragrance diffuser as a gift. Probably. Well, there’s invariably a few awkward ones out there that are hard to please but in the main the vast, vast majority of ladies will love one of these must-have additions to the modern home. But before you go rushing off to B&M Bargains to pick up a £2 diffuser with equally cheap scent refills... remember, this is your friend and she deserves the best. Try this beaut from St Eval, available in a number of fragrances and guaranteed to add the “wow” moment to any present-opening day. 

Fashionable Mirrors 

One thing most women can agree on is that they spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror. And with good reason, as in this age of the impromptu selfie or the chance you could end up in the background on someone’s Instagram snap, no lady wants to go out without perfect hair, make-up and outfit. So, it’s time to tell your friend she needs to ditch that plain old IKEA “Svansele” mirror and replace it with a cool, classy and contemporary piece such as this tasteful offering from Sass and Belle. Giving this beautiful mirror to a friend or loved one will light up their face and they will be beaming just like the sunburst mirror they just unwrapped. 

Luxury Gift Boxes 

There is one thing guaranteed not to go wrong when gifting your female friends and relatives and that is... by giving them chocolate! Whoever in the history of mankind ever received chocolate as a gift and looked unhappy about it? Except maybe if you gifted them Caramac or Daim Bars of course. So, for those looking for full brownie points, total bezzie mate status, and an invite to next year’s birthday, Christmas AND bonfire night party, gifting them one of these luxury gift boxes is a surefire winner. And, if there’s the miniscule chance that your giftee does not like chocolate (as if!) then choose from Cornish tea gift boxes, gift boxes for those who love relaxing in the bath, premium home décor gift boxes and many, many more. Happy gifting! 

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