How to increase your vitamin SEA (and improve mood!)

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Being exposed to marine and coastal environments can improve mood and has been linked to increased health benefits such as higher levels of vitamin D according to research from the Ocean Conservation Trust, not just urban areas, but green spaces too.

How to get your daily dose? Well there’s swimming, walking, rock pooling, sailing, surfing, but the simplest way is to just be there and enjoy it. Toes in the sand, sun on your face, wind in your hair. Just. Be.

Newquay Beach by Home and Bay

The rhythmic crash of the waves onto the shore, the pastel hues of the landscape meeting the sea, the soothing sounds of nature and the smell of the salty sea air all help to eliminate the stresses of daily life.

If you love Cornwall like we do here at Home and Bay, you’ll be out all seasons, so what do you need to enjoy your day of soaking up the health benefits of Coastal living no matter what the season?

Here is our run down of the top 5 coastal essentials:

  • Water Bottle: Stay Hydrated! All weathers require hydration not just the blazing hot days. Check out this reusable Metal water bottle with bamboo lid:
Mint Green Water Bottle by Home and Bay
  • Lightweight Jacket: Layers are the key to comfort, the sun may be shining but there is always a breeze by the coast, on warm days it’s bliss, but on winter walks you will be glad you packed a jacket.
  • SPF: Your skin will thank you, dermatologists recommend a minimum of an SPF30 with both UVA + UVB protection.
  • Maps: Whatever you use, whether it be traditional compass and map a la school orienteering practise, GPS, or one of a plethora of local walk guides that are available make sure you keep an eye on those tide times.
  • Snack Container/ Lunch Bag: Keep that energy up! Make your own energy bars and keep them fresh in a re-usable container, there is plenty of choice in our picnicware section and we’ve even given you a handy recipe below:
How to increase your vitamin Sea from Home and Bay

Breakfast bar recipe | BBC Good Food 

How to make this coastal therapy last longer; bring the essence of the coast home to you. Soft fabrics to curl up in, beautiful fragrances and ceramics that reflect the rugged coastline of Cornwall are all you need to feel connected when you can’t actually be there. Create your own coastal sanctuary and improve mood in any space in your home.

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