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So it seems fitting that Japandi style is on trend right now, we’ve been glued to the TV watching Team GB at the Olympics here in the Home and Bay household. Tokyo is the travel destination on everyones lips, but with Covid still wreaking havoc on travel plans, the simple solution is to bring Japan to you.

Japandi interior design combines Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian Chic, think relaxation and tranquility with natural inspired textures and colours.

So how do we create that Japandi style in your home? We’re going to look at two areas in this blog:

The living space:

Start by pairing back your room, remove clashing colours and any ornaments that are there for the sake of it, embrace storage with natural finishes. When removing clutter you don’t want to remove the beautiful images that make your house a home, think about changing free standing photo frames to wall mounted ones to create a minimalist feature. 

Japandi from Home and Bay

Add some texture, items should be useful and calming. Soft fabrics in muted earthy tones to aid that tranquility at the end of a busy day.  

Japandi from Home and Bay

Remember, it’s calm not dead, bring the room to life with plant life, these add natural colours and textures which are key to Japandi style. Don’t worry if you’re not green fingered, try artificial plants or dried grasses (added bonus, they last ages and are super low maintenance).

Japandi from Home and Bay

The bathroom:

It is easy to make some simple, functional and cost effective swaps to upgrade your bathroom with some Japandi style.

Start with the same step for your living space, pair it all back. Soft fabrics can come simply from the towels you already have, think about adding some hooks for hanging them up for easy and functional wall décor.

Japandi from Home and Bay

De clutter the many toothbrushes and half empty bottles of handwashes and add some storage with natural finishes and elegant designs.

Japandi from Home and Bay

Simple ways to welcome the Japandi style into your home, now we just need Team GB to keep welcoming the medals!

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