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Sass and Belle Discount Codes 

New Year, new styles, new trends, new Sass and Belle discount codes! Yes it’s that time of year again when the holidays have ended and we can go back to doing proper shopping... in other words buying stuff for ourselves and not for other people! It’s surely time to stop putting in off any longer and treating yourself to some stylish Sass and Belle homeware like these products below. As an added bonus, and a massive ‘thank you’ to all our loyal customers, we’ve now applied a 10% discount code to all our Sass and Belle products... and you also get free delivery if you spend £25! Simply click on the Gift Box Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to claim your discount. 

Sass and Belle Mojave Kitchen Accessories 

Sass and Belle Mojave Kitchen Accessories by Home and Bay

It has been reported that the demand for new kitchens in UK homes has soared by 24% since the start of the pandemic. There has been a number of reasons for this huge surge in home kitchen improvements, with one reason being that bored homeowners stuck at home with little to do have realised the shortcomings of their existing kitchen. Other reasons include the trend to ‘don’t move – improve' and also many people have grabbed the opportunity to extend their kitchens as people search for more space in their homes. The important thing is, if you’re going to spend tens of thousands on a brand-new kitchen then you should ensure that you then fill it with quality, stylish utensils. Of course, IKEA is great for the everyday things like knives and forks, but for that special finishing touch and extra bit of luxury look to our Sass and Bell kitchen utensils range for great inspiration and eco-friendly products.

Sass and Belle Mini Planters 

Sass and Belle Mojave Mini Planters by Home and Bay

We have a nice selection of popular Sass and Belle mini planters for you to tastefully position around your home such as our popular Mojave glaze vases featuring rustic textures and dip ombre effects which are created from the reactive glaze which forms subtle variations in colour tones, making each one beautifully unique.

Frida Khalo Mini Planter by Home and Bay

We also have a legendary Frida Kahlo mini vase in muted terracotta which is perfect for adding a pinch of sass in mini planter form to any living space.

Sass and Belle Sea Green Planter by Home and Bay

Alternatively, we have a Sea Green Woven planter which displays beautiful colours and textures of the coast, reflected in this leggy planter and making it a beautiful addition to your living space. Using our Sass and Belle discount codes you can receive a huge 10% off our mini planters! 

Sass and Belle Photo Frames 

Pound Land, Wilko, B&M Bargains. They all do photo frames. And to be fair, they aren’t bad. We’re very lucky in the UK to be able to access such quality items at such affordable prices. But for those with maybe a few extra pounds to spend, why not push the boat out and invest in these tasteful and luxurious photo frames by Sass and Belle. We stock a style to suit all tastes such as this gold-wired frame, this classy rattan number, our popular wooden heart frame displaying the word ‘Love’ or this stylish white wood framed piece. 

Sass and Belle Gold Wire Photo Frame Sass and Belle White Wood Photo Frame Sass and Belle Love Photo Frame Sass and Belle Rattan Photo Frame

Sass and Belle Bathroom Accessories 

Following the popularity of our Sass and Belle ‘Blue Wave’ range featuring a soap dispenser, soap dish and tumbler, we simply had to extend the range by bringing in the same products in Terracotta. 

Update your bathroom with a terracotta tumbler in our best-selling Mojave Glaze. Keep unsightly accessories neat and tidy whilst looking stylish too. Featuring a matte finish, our bathroom soap dish brings together a hybrid of traditional earthy tones and modernist chic. And our ceramic soap dispenser is complete with copper hardware and matte finish. Use them with matching accessories for ultimate sinkie-style!  

Sass and Belle Terracotta Bathroom Accessories

Don’t forget all Sass and Belle products come with free delivery when you spend £25 and you'll get 10% off when you click the Gift Box Icon in the bottom right of this page. Get your Sass and Belle discount codes now! 

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