Small home office ideas – 5 ways to brighten up your home working space.

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Small home office ideas – 5 ways to brighten up your home working space. 

For obvious reasons there has been a huge rise in numbers of people working from home rather than commuting to an office recently, but not all homeworkers are lucky enough to have a huge office or working space in their home. If you are currently using a small room or tiny study which is a little on the cramped side then this can lead to demotivation and not performing at your very best. Here’s a few small home office ideas to transform your workspace and transform your mood! 

1) Lighting 

Many studies have concluded that a good light source throughout the home can have many mood-lifting and morale-boosting benefits, and while we are away from the natural competitiveness of the office it is important to stay self-motivated and energised. If your office is not the biggest then we recommend having a small table lamp on your office desk which will help you get your work completed accurately and efficiently and also make your office look modern. sleek and classy. Visitors will not even notice that your office is not as big as theirs as they focus on this bright and cool addition to your work desk. 

2) Fragrance 

Having a calm and healthy mindset is imperative to maintaining a successful work from home set up as this will help with focus, motivation and efficiency. Home fragrances such as diffusers or scented tealight candles can help achieve this desired state. Candles for example have been scientifically proven to contain relaxing properties in their flame and the scented varieties will assist further by surrounding the home office air with scents that relax the senses. Diffusers will contain essential oils that will sooth the mind, relax the body and feed the soul. By choosing a scent that we find relaxing this can set off our ‘trigger scents’ reaction which make us feel good and reminds us of happy times. 

3) Photos of loved ones

Keeping a photo on the work desk of family members, favorite pets or pictures taken on holiday can lift the spirits, improve the mood and maintain your KPI’s at high levels. But let’s not just display treasured photos in any old haphazard way... it is important that you choose the right frame to display your photograph in, one that enhances the zen you already created when you put your home office together in the first place. Rustic materials such as white wood or ocean-like driftwood frames are very popular in modern home offices to match grey laminate floors and gloss white desks. A bold metal frame may suit a warehouse type of office with exposed bricks and wooden barn-style beams. 

4) Plants

Having house plants of varying sizes, shapes and colours carefully placed around your home office can improve your mood and add a fresh, natural feel. If your office is a little compact and bijou then there’s no need to worry as there are an array of mini-planters available. This allows you to display a number of small plants in classy and tasteful style around your office without ever giving the feel that your work area is in any way inferior to anyone you may know who has a larger space. 

5) Reward Yourself

One of the most important aspects of a healthy work-life balance is to ensure that you reward yourself when things go well at work. Too many of us are happy simply to meet our targets and keep our bosses happy when in reality achieving your targets on a regular basis is a huge achievement in itself. How about splashing out on a luxury gift box which you can secretly keep on your office bookshelf away from your children’s prying eyes. You can then help yourself to a cheeky treat with each successful work accomplishment... don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. 

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