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First there was the selfie, then the shelfie, but now it’s the sinkie, and we love it!

If you ever needed an excuse to beautify your kitchen surfaces then here it is.  Below we have reviewed 3 of our favourite sinkies that are trending at the moment, and of course made some recommendations on how to achieve the ultimate sinkie at home.


Sinkie by Home and Bay


We love the simple elegance and cool colour scheme in this sinkie. The natural materials in the wooden chopping boards adds some warmth, the addition of the woven seagrass shopper with flowers adds texture and a focal point.


Sinkie by Home and Bay


Serious country kitchen vibes in this sinkie, cute succulents along with trendy peonies. Hearts and Wooden Star décor dotted in the background and textures galore from the planters and natural wood throughout.


Sinkie by Home and Bay


We love this cute and quirky sinkie. Adorable pastel colours, sustainable utensils and storage. The multiple hits of green foliage in different planters (even a mug) brings the whole space to life. The gorgeous Sunburst Mirror adds an extra dimension to the space too.

How to achieve this look at home:

  1. Add a Sink….well obviously
  2. Add Some greenery
  3. Add a dash of some natural texture
  4. Pour in a little quirkyness
  5. Take a photo and tag us

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