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Cornwall is the #1 destination of choice for best UK staycations

The pandemic has ensured that it’s been a desperate year or so for hard-worked Brits looking to get away from it all. We have had travel bans, grounded planes, last minute cancellations and been told not to visit our favourite holiday destinations. In addition to that, those who have managed to get a flight abroad in the last 12 months have often faced harsh restrictions in the countries they have visited and then had to quarantine in hotels upon return for up to two weeks at their own expense. It’s no wonder that the fed-up public have given up hope of a foreign holiday this year and have chosen to ‘staycation’ instead and the number one choice of destination for best UK staycations according to popular website is... our very own Cornwall! 

Boscastle by Home and Bay

Pictured: Boscastle

Yes it’s been a tough year. The pandemic has brought havoc to what was our normal daily lives. For some, finances have been a battle with many losing jobs, others having to accept 80% of wages through the furlough scheme, and many such as the self-employed receiving no support whatsoever. Thank heavens for our NHS staff, delivery drivers, importers, retail staff and all other key workers who have kept the country moving during these unprecedented times.  

Mercifully, it looks like light is at the end of the tunnel and the pandemic is coming to a long-awaited end. So, it’s time to let off some steam... and start planning a good old summer holiday! But wait... even though the number of people catching Covid has fallen to almost zero thanks to the introduction of the vaccine program, there is still great uncertainty around what rules foreign countries may be implementing and indeed what plans our government may have, such as the imposition of new quarantine rules or adding new countries to the ‘red list’. This has led many to giving up on planning a foreign trip and instead plumping for a good old fashion trip to the British seaside instead. 

Polzeath Beach by Home and Bay

Pictured: Polzeath Beach

This is great news for many British seaside towns, who saw almost a whole season written off last year after the implementation of the first lockdown, and even when the country opened up many chose not to leave home. This year is expected to see a resurgence with many coastal businesses potentially hoping to claw back at least 50% of last year losses if not more. It really is set to be an absolutely crazy year for tourism up and down the British Isles. The top ten destinations for best UK staycations according to the Travel Supermarket website are as follows: 

1) Cornwall 

2) Devon 

3) Lake District 

4) London 

5) North Wales 

6) Scottish Highlands 

7) Edinburgh 

8) Blackpool 

9) Norfolk Broads 

10) Isle of Wight 

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