Dock and Bay Towels Discount Code

Dock and Bay Discount Code

The summer is nearly upon us and the roads into Cornwall are already busy with early holidaymakers looking to take a break from it all on Cornwall’s rugged coastline. If you’re planning this year’s trip to the South West then don’t forget to plan ahead and buy your stylish beach towels ready to spend those lazy days in the sun on Cornwall’s blue flag sands. As an added bonus Home and Bay have discounted many of our beach accessories including our award-winning Dock and Bay quick dry beach towels! Read on and we’ll show you exactly how to claim your Dock and Bay Towels Discount Code. 

Dock and Bay Towels

At Home and Bay we stock what we consider to be the essential stuff for an enjoyable day at the beach – namely beach towels for lying on in the sun all day and picnic stuff for a mid-day lunch break! As our towels are all quick-dry they are also handy for drying off after a quick dip in the sea if it gets too hot. 

And the good news is that Home and Bay are now stocking Dock and Bay’s entire Cabana ranges and also their Summer ranges too! Choose from classics such as their Phi Phi PinkBondi Blue and Cancun Green or maybe go all in on their high end luxury towels such as Peach Sorbet, Unicorn Waves or Endless Days. 

Dock and Bay Towels Discount

So there’s only one thing left to talk about and that’s... discounts! Yes, we are offering a Dock and Bay Discount Code, simply click the Gift Box Icon in the bottom right of your page. No details needed, no need to subscribe, no need to hand over sensitive info. It’s a no catch, take it or leave it 10% off your first Dock and Bay purchase. Happy shopping and happy summer! 

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