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Gifts for Him from Cornwall 

So, you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life are you? We get it... he likes to think of himself as a proper man right? A bit of a bloke... always trying to impress his mates... downing beers in one, eating the hottest curry in the Tandoori restaurant, won’t let anybody else cook on his barbeque, etc. We get it. When the reality is, he wears your fluffy slippers whilst lazing on the couch on Sundays, pinches your make up to cover facial blemishes before going out on a Saturday and is the first one to phone in sick like a big girl at the first sign of a little sniffly cold. But it’s OK... you don’t want to upset him by letting him know you’re onto him, so let’s keep him happy by feeding his man-ego and reassuring him about how much of a stud he really is with these proper man gifts for him from Cornwall. 

Hot Stuff Chilli Box 

Hot Stuff Chilli Box by Home and Bay

There's nothing more that says ’macho’ than a good old hot chilli challenge and with this super hot chilli jam from the South Devon Chilli Farm company your other half can show off his pain threshold prowess. But don’t worry, we don’t want him to overdo it and go all red-faced with Chilli pain, so we’ve included these Cornish crackers to help dilute the heat. And we all know that when you’re not around he likes to steal your luxury chocolates, even though he always insists the only chocolate he’ll ever touch is Yorkie, so we’ve included this luxurious Josh’s Chocolate in the Gift Box. He’ll obviously scoff and question why you’ve gifted him a girlie chocolate bar, but when you ask for a small piece a few days later he’ll be all "er... I’m not sure where I left it". Yeah right... 

Mojave Glaze Blue Mug 

Mojave Glaze Blue Mug by Home and Bay

The rustic texture and dip ombre effect on this beautiful mojave glaze mug are created from the reactive glaze which forms subtle variations in colour tones, making each one beautifully unique. But in case your man might consider this lovely mug a bit of a girl’s gift we’ve done something spectacular to turn it into a present fit for any man... we’ve made it available in BLUE. Genius huh? He can now proudly welcome his man mates round for a session of poker and when the designated driver announces he’d like a coffee instead of Beer he can whip out his new pride and joy Blue mojave glaze mug and everyone’s a winner. 

Brass Coffee Scoop & Clip 

Brass Coffee Scoop Clip by Home and Bay

There is nothing more annoying than having to measure out your ground coffee using a regular spoon. Should it be heaped? Will it be too strong? Did I put in four spoons or five? Take all the stress and hassle out of measuring out the correct coffee-to-water ratio every time with this stylish brass-coated measuring scoop. It also comes with a very handy crocodile-style clip so it can keep the coffee fresh in the bag AND he won’t lose it like it loses every other present you ever buy him. And lets face it, we all know he deliberately mis-measures when making the coffee so you will get annoyed and make it yourself instead, so now there will be no more excuses. It’s really a present for yourself, but we won’t tell him... 

Bondi Blue Beach Towel 

Bondi Blue Beach Towel by Home and Bay

Syle, luxury, comfort. When Dock and Bay featured on Dragons Den in 2017, Debra Meaden couldn’t wait to get her wallet open and invest a stack of cash in this fledgling company. These days, they are one of the World’s best known and coolest luxury beach towel brands, and we’re proud to be able to bring you Dock and Bay’s quality beach products on our very own online gift shop, at a very reasonable price. And with free delivery too! This classic Bondi Blue towel has everything your man is looking for in a beach towel. It’s quick drying. It’s blue. It’s stylish. It won’t smell of damp when he leaves it lying around your house in a heap. You’re welcome. 

Men’s Deluxe Grooming Gift Box 

Men's Deluxe Grooming Gift Box by Home and Bay

Preening, grooming, manscaping. Yes, we’re living in those times. He now spends more hours in front of the bathroom mirror than you do, embracing men’s grooming in all it's forms. He does look good for it though and you have to admit you love the smoother fresher version of the hairy, rough-skinned bloke you first met all those years ago. So, let’s keep it going by presenting him with one of these deluxe gifts for him from Cornwall containing a Peppermint & Eucalyptus shower steamer, skin nourishing soap and a tin of sensitive-skin protecting shaving soap. He’ll smell good, he’ll look good... will he be good? Well, that’s something we can’t include in our boxes we’re afraid. Happy man-gifting! 

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