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Did you know that a well organised home with clearly defined zones with distinct roles can calm the mind and make a real difference to your mind set and mental well being? With that in mind, lets get started.


Step 1. Clear out and introduce storage

It can be as simple as having a clear desk space to complete your work, or removing any non cooking items from the kitchen counter surrounding the hob. Storage of course plays a huge part and there is no reason why that should be dull, there are so many great options for storage around, like this White Dip Sea Grass Basket:


White Dip Storage


But lets break it down, to the honest truth. You have managed a whole day of battling through traffic (now that that’s a thing again), meetings that used to be zoom calls and your kids may have needed help with their homework, or needed help being pulled off the ceiling or off each other which is far more likely, I know, I have 3! The last thing you want to do is declutter. It’s a monumental task. But it really doesn’t have to be. So like all good things, we start at the beginning:

  1. Come prepared, choose some storage solutions that you like the look of and can actually store stuff, select a range of sizes and designs for the area you have chosen, for example fabric tubs are lovely but they might not work too well in the Kitchen where they will pick up cooking smells.
  2. Choose your starting place, start small, a cupboard, a draw, a counter top. You don’t need to be brutal, but you do need to be honest.
  3. Throw out what you don’t want or need, if it’s in good condition then give it to those in need.
  4. Place all the items you are definitely keeping in the appropriate storage.
  5. Now the storage is sorted and everything is in its place, you can get on with the fun part.


Step 2: Choosing what to display

What about those little or large items that mean so much but aren’t technically necessary…the clay caterpillar your toddler made at playgroup, the last postcard you received from a loved one, the family heirloom crystal vase you’re too scared to put flowers in. Or simply, something that you feel is beautiful. These are the items which make your house a home, arguably the most important items. These reflect you and your life, your dreams, your loves, your memories and your future aspirations. These items are not ‘things’ to store, but your personal art to display. The skill is turning these collections into a beautiful display in your home.


Step 3: Arrange the space

  1. Choose accent colours to support your decorating scheme, to avoid it all looking too same-y and to add dimension, choose items that have similar colours but different textures. Think same but different.
    Lobster apron link
  2. Group items in odd numbers, odd numbers naturally attract interest.
  3. Try layering, start with a taller item at the back and work downwards and forwards to create a pyramid shape. This forces the eye to travel around the objects and allows your guests to appreciate your efforts.
    Colourful Oars Cushion link

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