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The scientific reason you need a home fragrance diffuser

Did you know that personal spending on home fragrances went up by 36% in the first month of lockdown and that during October 2020, as the UK entered the cooler months, the number of people purchasing a home fragrance diffuser rose by 29%. Why? Thanks to a recent Hygge awakening, people are now more aware of the role fragrance can play in lifting mood; and didn’t we all need a mood boost during this past year?

Long gone are the days of a spritz of supermarket air freshener too, the focus now is on artisan scents that use natural, locally sourced ingredients. The type of vessel for fragrance can range with personal preference, from reed diffusers to tinned candles and everything in between. Why the shift? It’s simple; quality over quantity. Mass produced is out and small batch, artisan is in!

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It’s not just the scent of the candle that can elevate your mood, but how it is displayed can make an impact, the material of the holder, the colour of the scent bottle or the shape of the candle itself. The item becomes part of your home décor, and if it is beautiful and unique it can become a focal point.

Home fragrance diffuser | Home and Bay

The feel good factor you may not know about though? Well that’s simple; where you buy the home fragrance from. Buying from local, independent family run businesses has such a positive impact for those business owners that it could actually count as your good deed for the day.

Mentalhealth.org.uk states that doing something good for others has been scientifically proven to boost your mood and has long term benefits including how you deal with stress and living longer, plus you get a gorgeous home fragrance too, win win! (or is that win win win win?)

Why does scent affect our mood? The answer is in our limbic system, the part of our brain that perceives scent is also the part that processes memories and feelings, creating associations with feelings ands scent. Just a few drops of an essential oil in a room diffuser or in a candle is an instant mood boost.

For those who want a scented item that keeps giving, look for re-usable vessels or ones that can be upcycled. Home fragrance diffuser bottles that can be refilled with a range of scents and a change of reeds can last and last, whilst clay candle pots make beautiful mini planters.

Home fragrance diffuser | Home and Bay

Further the scent-sation (see what I did there?) and bring back fond memories of holidays or day dream about those to come with the distinct aroma of the coast with our sea salt range.

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