What to take on a picnic by Home and Bay

What to take on a picnic; How the picnic is our lockdown spring saviour!

We can meet up with loved ones finally, hooray! Finally, this horrid year is coming to an end, but only if we keep sensible and safe whilst lockdown is easing. We need to remember ‘hands, face, space and fresh air’. So, it stands to reason we meet with those missed pals outside, BBQs are all well and good but the real star of this spring season is the humble picnic! So the key question is; What to take on a picnic?

Apart from having a major moment on Instagram right now, picnics are the perfect way to catch up safely. Let’s start with the setting, I’m obviously biased but a beach in Cornwall is the perfect location:

What to take on a picnic Home and Bay

Now, place upon the sand, a beautiful blanket, for those traditionalists out there nothing can beat a tartan spread and a wicker basket, but for those of us who have a gaggle of kids in tow and all that they bring with it, then a blanket needs to be water resistant, washable and crumbs should brush off with ease so check out this beauty from Home and Bay:

What to take on a picnic Home and Bay

We have the setting, the blanket, now for the picnic itself. It’s personal preference about the food you bring, everyone has their own tastes, but after a year apart, we all deserve something better than beige buffets, am I right?

Now, to get your picnic where it needs to be and look good whilst doing it, check out these eco products for you and the kids (plus no single use plastics): 


Mint Green Water Bottle by Home and Bay

This mint green metal water bottle comes with a bamboo lid and keeps your drinks cool when you're out and about. What if the weather is, well, British? Swap in a travel cup for the warmth of a good old cuppa and wrap up warm.

What to take on a picnic Home and Bay

Look at this super cute set of 3 Shelby Shark snack boxes, great for when little ones want a selection of goodies on the go, but also pack away inside of each of each other once you're finished, maximum storage points.

What to take on a picnic Home and Bay

Prepare your salad and just pop on the lid, no decanting into another container, super simple with this bamboo bowl. The most important part? Enjoy it! All of it, the surroundings, the food, your friends and family and spend some time making happy memories together. Follow our guide on what to take on a picnic, and there you have it; the perfect picnic.

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