Our Values

Shop Local, Donate to Good Causes and Support Ethical Business Practices
When you shop with Home and Bay you do all the above.
We strive to find only ethically sourced products to sell on our website, we make every attempt to use recyclable packaging wherever possible and we are passionate about charitable donations. Currently we donate a percentage of all of our profits to local good causes each and every year.  
Love Cornwall? Love the environment? Love supporting small, independent family run businesses? You are in the right place at Home and Bay!
Many products in our store are made from recycled & biodegradable materials and sourced from enthusiastic, dedicated and local suppliers. Our edible products are made using quality ingredients and we strive to offer gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.
We are working hard to eliminate single-use plastics from our ranges completely as part of our targets to improve sustainability.
The candles in our store are made with a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes of a 'food grade' quality like the wax found on cheese and do not contain any animal products.
You can therefore be assured that when you make a purchase with Home and Bay you are supporting fair trade, local charities and the environment.