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About Suddy Nora

Suddy Nora began about 12 years ago when the founder, Sarah, started looking into the chemicals her family were putting on their skin. She researched the chemicals they were using and decided it was time for a change. 

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Sarah used her previous studies of Anatomy & Physiology and produced a gloriously moisturising soap. Her family loved it, chapped hands and dry sensitive skin disappeared, medicated soaps were out the window and no more plastic liquid soap bottles were needed. To cut a long story short, 10 years later it was time to set up as a business.

It took time and money, lots of rules and regulations to get around and some tweaking of the soap recipe but finally Suddy Nora was born. The soaps were so popular that people were asking for matching shampoo bars, not something Sarah was intending to do but it became the natural progression and has proved incredibly popular.

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